To start your own recharge card business please fill in the below application form.

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Form Instructions


Name of Company - enter you registered business name,  if you are a customer, who want to buy pins you have to go to our Recharge Sales Website.

First and Last Name - Enter the first and last name  of the person, who is in charge of purchasing and handling recharge cards

Address - Enter the physical address of the business location

Busines Status - Your registered status of the business. if unsure what the status of your business is please select "Unincorporated Entity"

Geographical Area - Select the area where your business is active. Our main focus is the Nigerian market, however we can also provide solutions for wholesalers and agents in different Geographical areas.

What type of - Select the type of business operation is carried out. If you have a network of vendors and retail locations, please select "Agent". If your operation is larger and you have agents handling certain cities or regions, please select "Wholesaler".

If your business operates one or multiple location and sells the recharge cards to the public, select "retailer"

If your business would like to get a solution to handle your employees recharge card, select "business"

Monthly sales - If the we would like also know what your monthly sales are to your network. However we understand that you might be reluctant to provide this information, in that case just select "i dont know"

For Wholesaler and agent there is addtional information to provide:

Number of location - Please select the number of retail/vendors your are selling recharge card to.

For the Nigerian Market we would like to get some additional information

GSM Dealership - Please provide if you have currently already a GSM Dealership and select the company you represent

Comments - Please provide any information that can help with implementing your


All submitted applications are kept confidential and no information is sold or disclosed to third parties. We will contact you as soon as possible normally within 24 hours, however due to the high demand of applicants, it can take sometimes longer. Our apologies for that.